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About Me
My comic Projects

A Guy with cat Ears and a bad reputation , A girl who finds herself
 Kidnapped from an ordanary small town bakery and in a space ship.
An angry government ,a stylish space pirate...
Really this webcomic couldnt get any weirder  ....Actually never mind it might

Princess Alina and Alin where born as twins ,
 and where raised being bestfriends. However when misfortune strikes to her brother ,
she cuts her hair and dresses like a prince and
takes it in her hands to fufil her brothers dearest dream.
 To be a hero.

The chosen ones where said to arrive all over the
world of Zencath to end the great wars between
the Avie , Kitsune , Eleves and Dragon clan . But will the end be in peace or in Chaos ?

Lavander Moon Island Is suddenly filled with survivors of a horrible shipwreck.
How will they adjust to the island life in  a place with strange looking fish ,
a ditsy goddess , Greedy god , humanlike android and a mermaid ?
Its a really strange Island but its alot of fun

Constellatius Is the next best game around and is
 finally in its beta test . Then the lucky gamers find
out there not so lucky when hackers take over and they cant even leave the game.

Long ago, humans lived in harmony with the spirits of nature.
 However, with the advances of technology, humans forgot all about the
spirits who helped them survive.Some spirits have accepted this as how things should be,
 and will protect the humans.Some spirits were angered, and began to plot the
destruction of the human population as a punishment for their sins.


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