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About Me

About Me
Hi there , My name is Ash in real life , so Sky or Ash is fine to call me by , Im age 19 Currently not in school , I work at a fast food resterant , and hope one day Ill be in college for art , or maybe teaching.even. I dream to be a graphic Novel artist  above all ,but I figure being a elementary art school teacher might be a more realistic start ...XD I didnt get to go to highschool which makes me sad at times but I have my GED so no problem.... I spend my days trying to figure out how to make website layouts , Desktop Icons , Basicly anything I can think of ,  because I like to do everything myself. Im stubborn and dont like to admit defeat . I also have really bad eyesight.
Fav colors: Purple , Green , Blue
Fav animal: Cat
Fear: Spiders

You can find me at Gaiaonline , Diviant Art , and SmackJeeves.


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